Monday, October 6, 2008

tuk tuk....tuk tuk - connecting

Was very busy with life recently... so can't really squeeze time out for movie...but last weekend... i watched 2 movies....

one of the movies is CONNECTED.

Director : Benny Chan, starts to take note of his movies especially after the "New Police Story".

Actor : Louis Koo(watched few of his movies, from funny to jerk roles, can said he is good actor) and Barbie Hsu (does not really like her movie, watched once only, co-act with the F4 group, but in this movie, she is good).

This movie is a remake of a movie called "Cellular", it is about someone getting a call from a stranger and asking for help thru phone.

The part i like the most and my backside jumped from the chair....terkejut ma... is where the four-wheel car banged the Barbie Hsu's car.

After watching the movie, I got that intention to watch the "Cellular" movie. Wanna see what is the different part!!!!

Before i went to cinema, some of my frens commented five stars, four stars.... said hong kong never has such a "kan jiong" movie.... after watch the movie.... i can not said not nice but not what i expected. My frens "perli" me... wah! ur expectation ma very high... i think back. not my expectation is just my taste.... so u guys go n have a good time watching the movie and tell me... what your feel.

Monday, September 1, 2008

something alwys not enuff-----$M@N3Y$

Just came back from cinema...... and watched this movie called MONEY NO ENOUGH 2

Director : Jack Neo (Watched few of his movies, and because msia n spore culture is about the same, so I will try to catch up all his movies)

Cast : Henry Thia, Jack Neo, Mark Lee.

The feeling in the cinema.... mostly Chineses, still got Malays and Indians but very very less. The cinema was aroun 75% pack..... not bad wor...tomolo is working day but still a lot ppl willingly to spend the time to the cinema.

Mayb because this is the continue series from the first series (Money No Enough) which is released in few years ago (1998)..... not really few years...10 years ago la!! so most ppl still have that memory of the earlier version and have that curiosity..... what will be poorer or worst than no money??
Before make a trip to the cinema, I read thru some forums and from the forums, some of the audiences gave the feedback.... CRY UNTIL VERY VERY CHAM & NEED WHOLE BOX TISSUE PAPER..........and what I feel after watch the movie???
Ok ok..... it is very touching for certain parts.... but I DIDNT CRY until very very CHAM... yes i did cry but jus the tears...floating around the eyes nia buh!!! mayb read too much and expect too much....... spoil the whole feel of watching the movie.... should watch with a open mindset and do not put high expectation... like what i did!!!
Mayb like what i mention earlier, spore and msia culture is about the same.... so when i watch the movie....I really understand the "essence", Jack Neo is bringing into the current society. Worth to watch this movie..... as a "wake-up call" to everyone.........when you will really count broke in your life!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


WALL-E is the title

Director : Andrew Stanton, he is the same director for Finding Nemo, one of my favourite movies.

Cast : Jeff Garlin, Benjamin Burtt, Fred Willard

I must admit, I am cartoon lover! Hey!!! cartoon does not mean for kids only ok??? This movie, I totally blur blur and no idea what is all about before I watch it. Even watched the trailer or preview, I still blur blur.... but one of my frens, she pergi watch and she said NOT bad, so I make a trip to the cinema.

What I feel from start to end of the movie... before the movie starts, I am surprise to see the cinema is actually more than 80% pack and mostly is CHILDREN! so make myself a bit weird weird sitting there with a bunch of kids.....then i just holiday ma... all parents make time to bring kids to nice!! during the movie, I can hear children voice..."mummy, mummy...see see!" , "mummy,mummy....what is that?".... .... .... but this is good, show the children are attracted to the movie...

This movie has a very simple story flow which easy to understand. And the story flow contains moral value. GOOD!

Wall-e is a cleaning up rubbish robot.... I never understand why all other robots (same as wall-e) already stop or it look to me - spoilt, but wall-e still working. Now looking back at the synopsis, mankind forget to turn him off! In the movie, can see that robot can lives harmony with an insect...why we human can not ler?? Then another robot , Eve...... can see, Eve is a more high-tec robot! haha...Eve, this name give me some bad expensive but this robot, Eve, is totally different!

The feeling i get from this movie is ..."wei, mayb one day this will happen to earth ler"... if you got kids... I highly recommend you bring them go & watch this movie..... If you dont have now, go watch time teach your kids!

I can said " I like this movie!"

Mess with the ZOHAN!

Don't surprise that this movie is the first movie I blog bout. Not by intention ok. Just this movie is the lastest movie I watched. But dont worry. I will blog back the older movies too..... Old movie brings back the old memories ma.... yeah!!! betul???

Actually the title of this movie is


Cast : Adam Sandler, John Turturro, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider.

Watched on 21st August 2008.

Adam Sandler..... I not particular fancy or adore his movies, but the he builds a deep impression in the movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry". YEaH!!! someone that is so "Fong So" can be gay meh? hahaha... when i saw the poster of "You don't mess with the zohan", I have to admit, I totally can not recognise him. The hairy hairy

Emmanuelle Chriqui..... this is the first movie of her, I watch .... i guess... can not really remember her... but wow...her body.... I as a CHABO(woman in hokkien) also jeslous ah..... haha.. she is my GOAL....YOh yoh!!!

Ok ok about the is a comedy movie, which you dont really need brain to think or to really understand the "english-sy" that they are talking.... just go in, sit, and get ready to laugh and laugh.... the few guys sitting behind me... laugh from START till END! never stop!!! but it does not irritate me...make me laugh louder... no need hide hide ma!

The part I enjoy the most, is the 1st time "Scrappy" helps customer to wash hair and the excitement that aunty has and also the DOG!! dont tell u too much... you must see and you just understand what i mean...if i tell all now.... then bo siok lor!

See or not...... I must said I not regret paid RM7 for the movie!

~Welcome Notes~

Hello future readers....

This is the first post for this blog. The feeling....WOW! quite siok! Why? Because movie is apart of most people life!

Agree buh???

I believe it is true for most people. People tends to spend HOURS even DAYS looking at a square thing which we called TV or the big screen version called CINEMA!

After watch, what we usually do?? We comments, we talk, we share our points, we even try to ACT certain parts of the movie.....i know that... I TRIED before ma! pai seh la!

So that is the purpose of this blog....... for every "hi kui" to pi li pa la his/her opinions!

Welcome everyone!!!